Hello! Welcome to my blog. Take some time to look around.  I'm the College Fund Thrifter.  You can call me Nic! I'm a working mom from the Sunny South who has recently discovered a love for eBay. Buying on Ebay is cool, but selling is the real deal! Consider me a woman on a mission who enjoys the thrill of the hunt for great items that can be sold for a profit.

Is eBay the only thing going on in my life? Heck no!  As stated above, I am a working mom.  You know what that really means?   It means that I have way more jobs than I get paid for.  For me, it also means that I have an incredible husband and two awesome kids.  I enjoy living life to the fullest and spending time with them. My family is the reason I started on Ebay and started writing this blog.  I am all about sending my children to college without creating massive debt.  EBay is going to help me do that.  I may have started a little late.........because my children are already teenagers. But the truth of the matter is every dollar makes a difference.  So please join me on my Ebay adventure as the College Fund Thrifter!

While you're here, give me a shout out in the comments section and let me know where you are from...

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