Friday, January 27, 2017

Game Parts for Sale

Sometimes the very thing that you are convinced will sell seems to just hand around.  In spite of your best efforts and pricing experiments, the item just won't move.  That was the case with this game, Weapons and Warriors castle combat set.

When I purchased it a local thrift store, I was excited.  It was a niche item that had promising sales numbers.  Here is the problem.  It had a lot of parts.  I mean a WHOLE lot of parts. And I just wasn't sure if it was complete.  Since I couldn't sell the game as complete, I started by posting it as 80% complete.  I don't know if that helped or hurt, but nobody wanted to take the risk.  That listing wasn't going anywhere.  It was getting decent views, but something just wasn't clicking

I had the game for months, and I was getting disappointed.  I decided to switch things up a bit.  I split the game up into parts and tried to sell it that way.  This game had a lot of different pieces and I separated them into lots. That's when I got lucky.  The parts started selling.  I even sold the directions for $10.00.  Here is a picture.

It all SOLD!  Even the box, which is pictured above. The box sold for 26.99. I made way more money selling the parts that trying to sell the complete game. Total sales from parts was approximately $90.00 WINNING!

What success have you had selling parts?

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