Thursday, September 1, 2016

One of my Favorite Old School Ebay Tools

I am a visual person.  I like to see things….touch and feel them. This is good and bad. For example, I love Post-it notes.  At work, if there is something that I want to be regularly reminded of, I just write it on a Post-it note and stick it on the wall.  Currently I have about 7 notes on my wall.  That is the bad part.  Having a bunch of Post-it notes are not the most attractive wall d├ęcor.  Of course, I could do all of this digitally.  I am aware of that.  But there is just something about paper that I love…..I think that comes from the writer in me.

I really met my match when I discovered the Tabletop Post-it Pads.  These pads are the greatest… and I enjoy using them. Because I teach classes at work, they are helpful when discussing ideas and planning activities.  But now, I have started using them at home to help me keep track of all of my Ebay responsibilities.  Of course, any old sheet of paper will do – but you can’t beat the fact that you write down you listing goals, sourcing locations, research needs and to-do list all on one super-size 20x23 sheet of paper. What do you do next – tear it off the pad and stick it to the wall.  I just consider it my way of keeping myself accountable and on track.  Anytime I walk by my ebay storage room and see that Jumbo Post-it……..I know exactly where I stand with my goals for the week or month. 

With all of my mom duties, work duties, and family duties…..I have a lot to keep up with.  Truthfully, all of those other things generally come before Ebay.  As a result, it can be hard to keep the sourcing, researching and listing going….but I am determined. And these Post-it Tabletop Easel Pads are just one of the old school tools in my toolbox – LOL.  Maybe you should try them out!

What old school tools do you prefer?

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