Monday, July 11, 2016

For your funny bone.

Sometime things just strike me as funny.  I was browsing through Amazon today and I came upon these three items.   They just happened to tickle my funny bone so I thought I would share.  Each of the items came from the same business, Fred and Friends.  I don't know anything about the business, but I appreciate their sense of humor.  They had a long list of humorous items on Amazon that would be great for prank gifts or maybe even for a White Elephant Christmas Gift Exchange.  I don't know.....they just made me smile.  If you click on the pictures, they will show you the original Amazon listing.

The first item really got my attention.  These extra large salt and pepper packets are actually salt and pepper shakers.  We are all used to getting those tiny packets of salt and pepper with our takeout orders.  Why not just get a larger version of those little packets for the house? It lays flat  and has some holes at the top for sprinkling.

Next are the muffin top baking cups.  Does anybody ever really like the looks of muffin tops?  You know....that  waist spillover that hangs over your pants.  Who wants that? This version is a totally different story.  I would love to have this type of muffin top - with frosting please!

Finally comes the EMT Human Organ bag,  If you look closely, you will see that it actually says emergency meal transport.  This one really sucked me in at first.  I was thinking, why would they actually sell a bag like this on Amazon? Yep, the joke was on me.  It is actually a lunch cooler.

Pretty cool stuff right? Just what I needed for today, a welcome distraction from my TO DO list.

What's going on with YOU today?  What is on your TO DO list?


  1. Great items! Thanks for posting... love that lunch box! I will have to check that company out now :)