Monday, July 25, 2016

I won a PAYPAL Dispute and Chargeback

I have been away from blogging for a minute.  You know why?  I have had a disgruntled buyer who has been driving me CRAZY.  There is no reason to go into why he was disgruntled.  The bottom line is that I agreed to refund him once I received the item back from him.  Keep in mind that all of this happened about 60 days after his $300 purchase.  This particular buyer chose not to communicate through PAYPAL.  He kept sending me emails.  He asked me for my address in one of the emails, so he could send the item back. These emails proved to be crucial for the case.  You would think this refund was cut and dry, but it wasn't.  Things started to get a little crazy.

This buyer filed a dispute against me. I had already agreed to refund his money upon receipt of the item and.  I shared screenshots of this agreement with PAYPAL.  That case got closed in my favor.  The buyer then initiated a chargeback against me through his credit card company.  He thought I was trying to scam him by saying that I hadn't received the item.  He complained that I hadn't answered his emails.  It was a mess.  The truth of the matter was that I never received the item.  I made that clear to the buyer and to PAYPAL.  I shared screenshots of our conversations once again.  Apparently the buyer had no tracking on the item.  That case was also closed in my favor.  Still, no money has changed hands.

After this happens, the buyer notifies me that the package came back to him and I gave him the wrong address.  He says that it is written on the package that the address is unknown.  Of course, he is mad, says I am scamming him and not trying to give him his money back.  He says that he has my emails proving that I gave him an incorrect address.    I am so ready for this to be over....but I continue to keep my cool and respond to the buyer saying, "I don't know what was on the box, but the address that I gave you was correct."  He doesn't believe me and says he is going to turn me in to eBay and PAYPAL for this.  So I find some mail with my address on it and send him a picture - explaining that the address is correct.  He, in turn sends me a picture of the box where the post office had marked address unknown. In the meantime, he opens another case against me with PAYPAL.

So how did this end?  I responded to him saying that the address on the box was incorrect.  The buyer had made the mistake of putting my last name in the street address.  For example, if you name was John Jones, the package would have been sent to Jones Street.  After that, I received no immediate response.  About 2 days later, "I got another message saying the package has been apologies." The last PAYPAL complaint was mysteriously closed..... TRUE STORY.

It's not over though.  The package still hasn't arrive from across the country yet. I've got my fingers crossed.  Hopefully it will be here soon.  This whole experience has worn me out. Although, I will be returning the buyers money...the good thing about it is that I am doing it on my own terms. This was actually my first time dealing with a dispute and a chargeback. Although I was irritated by the whole process, I remained professional with the buyer.  PAYPAL and eBay are not just going in and and removing the money from my account.  I think that is the only positive thing that I have gotten from this experience.

Have you ever been on the winning side of PAYPAL??

Monday, July 11, 2016

For your funny bone.

Sometime things just strike me as funny.  I was browsing through Amazon today and I came upon these three items.   They just happened to tickle my funny bone so I thought I would share.  Each of the items came from the same business, Fred and Friends.  I don't know anything about the business, but I appreciate their sense of humor.  They had a long list of humorous items on Amazon that would be great for prank gifts or maybe even for a White Elephant Christmas Gift Exchange.  I don't know.....they just made me smile.  If you click on the pictures, they will show you the original Amazon listing.

The first item really got my attention.  These extra large salt and pepper packets are actually salt and pepper shakers.  We are all used to getting those tiny packets of salt and pepper with our takeout orders.  Why not just get a larger version of those little packets for the house? It lays flat  and has some holes at the top for sprinkling.

Next are the muffin top baking cups.  Does anybody ever really like the looks of muffin tops?  You know....that  waist spillover that hangs over your pants.  Who wants that? This version is a totally different story.  I would love to have this type of muffin top - with frosting please!

Finally comes the EMT Human Organ bag,  If you look closely, you will see that it actually says emergency meal transport.  This one really sucked me in at first.  I was thinking, why would they actually sell a bag like this on Amazon? Yep, the joke was on me.  It is actually a lunch cooler.

Pretty cool stuff right? Just what I needed for today, a welcome distraction from my TO DO list.

What's going on with YOU today?  What is on your TO DO list?

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Have you seen my MOJO?

For a few weeks, I have been feeling like I lost my MOJO.  Something about dealing with returns just takes the wind out of my sails a bit.  But today it is back.  Do you know what did it?  A thrifting trip.  Here's how it went.  While I was on my lunch break from my job, I decided to check out a few thrift stores.....Once I parked, I proceeded to get the things I usually take in the thrift store; money, keys and my smartphone.

For some reason, the store looked brand new to me today.  I walked in and it looked like there was SO MUCH STUFF that would be great for Ebay!  But you know what the problem was?  I was practically broke.   As I sat in the car with my keys and smartphone waiting to go in the store I discovered that I was low on cash.  I mean really low.  I came up with a measly $3.00 and some change.  Yep, I only had three one dollar bills on me.  I also had a checkbook and a credit card with me - but they don't take cards and I prefer not to write checks for this store -- cash only. ( I choose to think that helps me to curb my spending a bit.) So, because I know the prices for this store, I already had a plan for what I could and couldn't buy.  I checked out the knick-knacks and housewares. There was nothing there that I could afford for $3.00.  I looked at the books.  Didn't see anything that was interesting or vintage there.

Guess where I headed next -  THE BLUE BINS.  If you read one of my earlier blog posts titled, The Blue Bins are Off Limits, you will remember that I was not a fan of the bins.  Today, though, I knew that was the only place I could afford to buy anything from. So what did I get?  Two brand new pairs of men's shorts, size 50. Profit off these two pairs of shorts should be around $20 each so if all goes well, I should make $40 off of my $3 investment.  

How did this $3 investment help me get my MOJO back?  It helped me to see all of the things that I had to turn down that would have been great for Ebay.  As a result, I will make sure to have some cash in my purse the rest of the week.  I have a feeling it is gonna pay off.  I'm back on the thrifting track again.

What does it say about me that I spent my last three dollar bills on a thrifting trip? I'm not sure my husband, the anti-thrifter, would be pleased.