Monday, June 20, 2016

Returns and Scammers

I hate returns.....Wait.  Let me change that. I hate returns where I feel like I am being scammed. Ugh. I have have had two request for returns in the last month that total over $300.  I am bummed about it. Why are they returning it?  Damaged in shipping.  That's what they say.  Do I believe that they are being truthful?  Nope. So, although I am very professional when corresponding to my buyers about this, I am ticked off.  So excuse my while I vent.

One of the return request clearly looks like a bait and switch.  The other might have a little more validity - but I am still not convinced of the damage.   If it was damaged, why wait 45 days later to make a PAYPAL claim.  Why oh why do I have to deal with this?  If you want to scam me.....please do it with something cheap, okay?  If you want to scam me.......let me know in advance so I can really give you something to complain about.  If you want to scam it in a way that I don't feel like I am being scammed.  If you were a good scammer, I would be so irritated right now - because I wouldn't know that I was being scammed......GET IT??

Whew, I just needed to get that off my chest.  Just in case these two ridiculous return requests get the best of me and my ebay's been nice knowing ya.

Really though, I hope this hit from Ebay won't be too hard.  I have way to much stuff I still need to get rid of...

Please send me some positive vibes.  I need them right now.

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