Thursday, May 26, 2016

What's Being Watched!

Personally I have a love hate relationship with watchers on Ebay!  I realize that having watchers doesn't mean you have buyers.  But, I fall for it just a little bit every time....and  my optimistic self wants to believe that the watchers will turn into buyers.  Let's just say that I have been disappointed a few times by my optimism.

So here is what I have for sale that is currently being watched.

The Lane Bryant bra has been a surprise hit.  I had no idea it would attract so much attention.  It has garnered the most watchers.  The puzzle has quite a few watchers too. I am branching out a bit.  I have heard about people selling bras on Ebay.  This is the first one that I have ever listed - but it is clearly going to sell.  The question is for how much??  I had also head about selling puzzles on Scavenver Life, I think.  So I decided to give them a try as well. The Bra is going to go - because it is on auction, but it will be interesting to see if this one sells.

What do you think about watchers??

Monday, May 16, 2016

Have you Read "Silent Sales Machine" by Jim Cockrum?

I have been in a sales slump so I am trying to catch up on my research and reading.
Has anybody read the book Silent Sales Machine?  What did you think? It seems to be pretty popular around some circles. I am not here to promote this book at all.  It just happens to be one of many that I have on my Kindle right now.  I have seen it mentioned in various places, so I downloaded it as my free monthly book on Kindle. If I wouldn't have been able to borrow it through Amazon Prime, this would have been a $5.00 ebook and I probably wouldn't have even considered it.  Some ebooks are pretty good.  Others SUCK!! The jury is still out on this one because I just picked it up.

If you want to find out more about it, click on the picture below.  Consider this an Ebay book club moment.  If you have read it, I would love to hear from you.  Tell me your thoughts in the comments and I will respond in kind.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

It's my Ebay-versary

Happy Ebay Anniversary to me.  I have been selling on Ebay for exactly one year and I have learned so much.  When I started out, I was clueless about the process.  Now, I have my own war stories to tell.  I have had a couple of returns, a few partial refunds, some weird messages and my first negative feedback all in the past year.  I have also reached top rated seller, got rid of some of my clutter, had a couple of amazing scores and have saved a bit of money as a result. Overall it has been a pretty good I guess I will continue.

What was the first thing I ever sold on Ebay?  Here it is - a Nintendo 3DS MARIO KART Game.  I sold it for $10.50.  The rest is history.

I am looking forward to another year of learning and new opportunities to add to the college fund for the kiddos. Thank you, readers, for following me along this journey.

Are you selling on Ebay?  Do me a favor and shout out how long you have been an ebay seller in the comments.....

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mother's Day Wish List from a Reselling Mom!!

I have two lists for my family this Mother's Day. One is from their Ebay seller mom. The other is from their everyday cooking and cleaning and run ragged mom. Both lists have some things on it that would make me happy – so I will be satisfied either way. The Ebay mama would be supremely thankful if they bought me a new camera. Currently I use my phone camera, which is really easy. It is so convenient to use my phone – but sometimes my phone gets filled up with pictures that don’t really have a lot of meaning to me. I hate that. Phone space is at a premium these days and I really would prefer that the pictures that get that space are the ones of my family and friends. There is a camera that I have my eye on and it is wi-fi enabled. It is a Panasonic, which happens to be a camera brand that I like. I don't require a whole lot when it comes to cameras.  I am not a camera snob.  I envision that the wi-fi access would be beneficial to me – however it could also just be an unnecessary add-on that is just meant to attract more buyers. Anyhow – check it out and let me know what you think.  \

Actually…on second thought maybe I would be more satisfied with an Ipad Mini. That way I could use it specifically for Ebay and still do all of my listing on the app. The whole Ipad idea just came to me – but it is sounding better and better.   It could be my primary gadget for handling everything Ebay, which would definitely be a win.  Let me add that to the list too!

Another practical gift that I could use as reseller mom is a clothing mannequin. I think I have shared before……I don’t really like selling clothing. But it is readily available and somewhat easy to sell. So far I haven’t been using a mannequin. I have basically been putting the item on a hanger and hanging up and taking pictures. It hasn't been an ideal situation, but it has worked so far. I have checked out some mannequins on Ebay and on Amazon. Either site would meet my needs

I don’t want to invest too much in it – but I think that clothes can be styled much more nicely on a mannequin. Do you use a mannequin? What do you think is the best type to get?

My final Ebay seller Mother’s day gift would be a full tank of gas and the opportunity to go out thrifting one Saturday in peace. I don’t want to worry about having to clean anything, cook any food or wash any dishes. My family would take care of their own needs. I just want to see their smiling faces and waving hands in the rear view mirror.

Now, the cooking cleaning run ragged mom has simple, sentimental needs for mothers day. How about some cute charms for my Pandora bracelet? Maybe allow me the opportunity to just relax at home and eat cereal for breakfast and popcorn for dinner while my family takes care of their own needs. How about a trip to the beach so I can enjoy the sun while reading on the sand? How about everybody do exactly what I want them to do for the day. No fussing or arguing between the kids. My husband, the anti-thrifter, would be at my beck and call. No dishes, no laundry, no unnecessary stuff. I would really get to be in charge. That would be awesome……

Honestly, I love my family. They are more precious than gold to me. Being a mother is a blessing, even with all the trials and challenges. I wouldn't have it any other way. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there. Much love to you all.

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