Monday, April 4, 2016

March Madness.......

MARCH MADNESS!!!  Nothing beats the excitement of the NCAA basketball tournament. Of all the sports out there, I love basketball the best.  I grew up loving ACC basketball before it exploded to include what seems to be a million teams.  Back in the days of my youth, ACC basketball consisted of teams from North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland and Virginia.  Those were the days when the ACC tournament generated so much excitement that the teachers would let you watch some of it during school.  Everything was abuzz during tournament time in my North Carolina town. I have witnessed some of the biggest fussing, cussing, throw-down debates between UNC and North Carolina State fans.  The UNC vs NCSU  and other instate rivalries continue today, but this year UNC has made it to the big dance.  UNC will be playing Villanova tonight.  There is no doubt about who I want to win.  Tar Heels all the way!!

In recognition of the Heels making it back to the NCAA championship, maybe you or someone you know would like to celebrate with a bit of UNC memorabilia, a vintage CAROLINAOPOLY game. In case you haven't seen one, it's much like Monopoly, but it has references to UNC buildings and landmarks. Check it out here on Ebay.  If there are any Carolina alumni and fans out there reading this your team spirit in the comments!


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