Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How much for this piece of San Francisco history?

Ronnie Lott is a piece of San Francisco history.  He played for the 49ers from 1981-1990. He was an awesome player and was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2000.  The 49ers won 8 division titles and 4 Super Bowls when he was playing for them.

When I found this Mitchell and Ness throwback jersey during a recent thrifting visit I was really unsure whether I should get it or not. I figured that Ronnie Lott wasn't currently on anybody's radar.  But the price was right.  I picked up this XXL jersey for less than five dollars.  I can at least get my money back, right? LOL.  In spite of it being a white jersey, it is spotless and in excellent condition. So what do you think? Is there any value in throwback football jerseys?  How much would you list it for? What determines the best price point for this item? Before you say, "Have you checked the solds?" Of course I have done that.....but I am sure that there are some "jersey guys" out there with expert knowledge. Oh, and while you are at it.....I also have a Rajon Rondo Celtics Jersey. He played with the Boston Celtics from 2006-2014......just thought I would slip that in at the end....LOL.  Does it even make sense to buy jerseys when players switch teams so much?

Please put all suggestions in the comments.  I'm looking forward to your feedback.

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