Thursday, March 24, 2016

Waiting for SPRING!!

At some point, you just get tired of winter.  I am at that point now.  I long for the opportunity to go to the beach, plant some flowers, enjoy a good cookout, and go fishing.  In celebration of the coming of Spring, I decided to make a last ditch effort to sell the winter items that I still had left.  Although I had no reason to believe that the winter coats would sell, I posted three of them anyway.  So far they haven't moved.
There were a few things that I was able to get rid of....and I was GLAAAADDD!  Here they are.

Izod thermal shirt
Talbot's sweater

Hilfiger sweatshirt

I feel like I had the Izod Shirt and Talbot's sweater for ever.  When I have things that long I start to analyze why I bought the item in the first place.  In reference to the sweater, i thought it was cute and colorful.  As a result, I thought others would think so too.  Apparently not.  I was going to offer it to my daughter, since it was her size.  But she didn't think it was cute either.  Are you kidding me?  Am I that far off the mark?  Maybe I should just buy and sell things that are my size.  Anyway, goodbye cute sweater, you won't be missed. It sold for $16.00 including shipping.

The Izod shirt was flat out poor judgement.  As a new seller, I am still trying to develop an eye for the things that will sell well on eBay. Here is what I learned......Lacoste - Yes....Izod - no. I made the mistake of purchasing three Izod shirts/sweater at the same time, months ago.  I still have one left.  Ugh.  I now avoid IZOD items just based on that experience.  It sold for $12.99 including shipping.

I bought the Hilfiger shirt because I loved the red chenille letter H that  was on the front.  Eventually someone else loved it too.  This shirt wasn't in my inventory as long as the others, but I definitely didn't want it to stick around.  It sold for $27.50 including shipping.

I hate buying stuff and feeling like I am stuck with the item.  That's why I'm trying to be much more particular about what I purchase.  I don't have unlimited space for storage and I am anxioiusly awaiting the spring buying season.  I hear that winter things sell all year long.  I don't have that many more - but I'll still be willing to list them during free listing promos.

What do you do with your seasonal merchandise?


  1. I think that sweater is cute too!

    1. Ha! I am glad that SOMEBODY ELSE thinks that the sweater is cute. Thanks jcamp78.

  2. List everything irregardless of the season... especially if you sell internationally. Some of their seasons are opposite ours :)

    1. Thanks Bri. Will do. I guess it is simple enough to hit the sell similar or relist button. Hadn't really thought about international sales potential.

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