Thursday, March 3, 2016

February Ebay Sales

February has been an interesting month for me.  The weather went from snow to tornadoes to sunny and warm and then cold again.  I have experienced it all in the 29 days of February.  I have also experienced some sales.  Nothing overwhelming - but I happy with them.  According to the numbers, things were quite slow in February.   I plan to recover in March. My goal for this month was to try to get rid of some winter things, if I could.  I actually didn't do so well at that, but it was all good.  Here are just a few things that I sold in February

This Carolina Hurricanes Jersey was in great shape.
It sold for $29.00.  My cost was 3.49.

Martial Arts Book - Really cool book that got snapped up quickly for $16.00.  My cost? 10 cents.

I was a little sad that my Angelicat Pillow sold.  First of all, I wanted it to sell for more money.  I put it on auction and it sold for the starting price of $10.  Fortunately, I charged enough for shipping to get this pillow all the way to California. It was a really cute pillow....I'm going to miss Angelicat.

Pioneer Wear Skirt - For some reason I thought "modest" skirts were quick sellers.  Maybe I thought the Duggar family might have been in need of another long denim skirt.  This one took a while, but it finally sold for $23.50.

I love it when I can sell people my old magazines.  All magazines don't have value - but I have been able to sell these without any problem.  I am tickled pink about that.

You may remember Cher from the post "Bring back the Seventies."  She sold within a few days of posting, for a best offer of $24.00.  Although I had it posted at $35, I was satisfied with that and let Cher go.  I hope she has found a good home.

That is it for this post.  What sale were you excited about in February? Post it in the comments.,

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