Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ebay Equipment - Scales

Ebay selling doesn't require a lot of equipment.  As a matter  of fact, you could almost get by with just a phone or tablet.  Don't you have to have your own printer?  No, you can purchase your postage and save your labels to be printed somewhere else.  Do you have to own a scale?  No.  You can get your items weighed at the post office if you need to.  Now honestly, I don't recommend either of these scenarios, but it can be done.  There are people out there who literally started with almost nothing and now they have their own little Ebay empire.  Isn't that awesome?

When I started out, the one thing that I didn't have was a scale.  My first few items I sold with flat rate shipping without weighing anything at all. After losing money a couple of times, I realized that I couldn't really be successful on Ebay without purchasing a scale.  There were some scales that I considered, such as the Accucheck DreamRed Digital Postal Scale, the Smart Weigh Digital Shipping and Postal Scale and the Acccucheck All in one Digital Shipping Postal Scale that are posted using the affiliate links below.  I believe that any of these scales would have done a fine job - but I was particularly attracted to the sassy red scale.......just because it was RED!!!  Sometimes a little color makes all the difference, don't you think?

The scale that I ended up using however, was this one, a Robinair Slimline Electronic Scale.  There is a story behind why I began using this scale, however.  It definitely wasn't because of the price.....because it is UBER EXPENSIVE compared to the ones above.  I began using this scale for the best reason of was FREE!!

You may remember hearing about my husband. I will call him the "anti-thrifter."  I wrote about him here.  He is actually an HVAC mechanic and this is the scale that he uses sometimes in his work.  It just happens to be perfect for me as well. I love this scale.  It is accurate and easy to use and comes in a carrying case.  As a matter of fact, it is not really a postage scale at all.  It is actually a refrigeration scale. Since I share it with my husband I consider it to be  his contribution to my Ebay experience.   It will weigh items up 110 lbs and runs on batteries.  The one thing that I don't like about it is that it doesn't have an automatic shut off.  I have run down my share of batteries with this thing.  As I said, it is expensive as far as scales go....but for me it was free. Besides all of its other good qualities that's what made it terrific. So, although I made my share of mistakes in the beginning, I am now handling shipping like a pro - thanks to this cool scale.

What scale do you use?  Tell me about it....

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Waiting for SPRING!!

At some point, you just get tired of winter.  I am at that point now.  I long for the opportunity to go to the beach, plant some flowers, enjoy a good cookout, and go fishing.  In celebration of the coming of Spring, I decided to make a last ditch effort to sell the winter items that I still had left.  Although I had no reason to believe that the winter coats would sell, I posted three of them anyway.  So far they haven't moved.
There were a few things that I was able to get rid of....and I was GLAAAADDD!  Here they are.

Izod thermal shirt
Talbot's sweater

Hilfiger sweatshirt

I feel like I had the Izod Shirt and Talbot's sweater for ever.  When I have things that long I start to analyze why I bought the item in the first place.  In reference to the sweater, i thought it was cute and colorful.  As a result, I thought others would think so too.  Apparently not.  I was going to offer it to my daughter, since it was her size.  But she didn't think it was cute either.  Are you kidding me?  Am I that far off the mark?  Maybe I should just buy and sell things that are my size.  Anyway, goodbye cute sweater, you won't be missed. It sold for $16.00 including shipping.

The Izod shirt was flat out poor judgement.  As a new seller, I am still trying to develop an eye for the things that will sell well on eBay. Here is what I learned......Lacoste - Yes....Izod - no. I made the mistake of purchasing three Izod shirts/sweater at the same time, months ago.  I still have one left.  Ugh.  I now avoid IZOD items just based on that experience.  It sold for $12.99 including shipping.

I bought the Hilfiger shirt because I loved the red chenille letter H that  was on the front.  Eventually someone else loved it too.  This shirt wasn't in my inventory as long as the others, but I definitely didn't want it to stick around.  It sold for $27.50 including shipping.

I hate buying stuff and feeling like I am stuck with the item.  That's why I'm trying to be much more particular about what I purchase.  I don't have unlimited space for storage and I am anxioiusly awaiting the spring buying season.  I hear that winter things sell all year long.  I don't have that many more - but I'll still be willing to list them during free listing promos.

What do you do with your seasonal merchandise?

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Scam Prevention

You may remember that I wrote about someone trying to scam me out of one of my items.  That post can be found here.  In all truthfulness, my scammer was halfhearted at best.  Although this person was able to make a fake account and create some fake feedback to go along with it, they didn't try to seal the deal.  What I mean by that is they didn't try to send any payment, either fake or real, to purchase my item.  As a result, I waited……..Eventually I opened a case with eBay because the buyer had not paid.  It was only after they finished with the case that I was notified that the buyer was a fake. 

So it spooked me a  little.  I didn't immediately relist the item for sale, I waited a while.  Boy, am I glad that I did.  This cool mug from my childhood just sold at auction for $102.50 plus shipping.  I was shocked and amazed.  I was also a little nervous.  I really didn't expect it to go that high. It was paid for by the time I woke up the next morning.  Yaaasss!!  That’s what I’m talking about.

So after my first scamming experience, I decided that I would take an extra step and try to confirm some information about this buyer.  First I did a Google search of their username, just to see if that would come up with something.  That gave me some insight, but nothing major.  Next, I decided to research the Paypal address. I immediately identified that the address wasn't confirmed. I later learned that the address was for a business location that did shipping.   That didn't make me feel any better so the next logical step was to call eBay and PayPal .  I started with PayPal. They took too long to answer the phone so I didn't talk to them.  Calling eBay was next.  Someone answered pretty quickly and I explained that I wanted to check out my buyer, due to the previous scam efforts.  Fortunately, she was able to tell me that the buyer was legitimate, and had a good history with eBay.  That did it.  That was all I needed to know.  The item went out that afternoon.  I am hopeful that there will be no more problems with this mug.

I pray that it arrives at its destination unbroken.  I wrapped in bubble wrap and craft paper and put it in a box with air pillows. If a problem occurs I will update it here. If I could only sell things in this price range all the time…. For the record, here it is, Orange Blossom and Marmalade, from the Strawberry Shortcake characters.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

February Ebay Sales

February has been an interesting month for me.  The weather went from snow to tornadoes to sunny and warm and then cold again.  I have experienced it all in the 29 days of February.  I have also experienced some sales.  Nothing overwhelming - but I happy with them.  According to the numbers, things were quite slow in February.   I plan to recover in March. My goal for this month was to try to get rid of some winter things, if I could.  I actually didn't do so well at that, but it was all good.  Here are just a few things that I sold in February

This Carolina Hurricanes Jersey was in great shape.
It sold for $29.00.  My cost was 3.49.

Martial Arts Book - Really cool book that got snapped up quickly for $16.00.  My cost? 10 cents.

I was a little sad that my Angelicat Pillow sold.  First of all, I wanted it to sell for more money.  I put it on auction and it sold for the starting price of $10.  Fortunately, I charged enough for shipping to get this pillow all the way to California. It was a really cute pillow....I'm going to miss Angelicat.

Pioneer Wear Skirt - For some reason I thought "modest" skirts were quick sellers.  Maybe I thought the Duggar family might have been in need of another long denim skirt.  This one took a while, but it finally sold for $23.50.

I love it when I can sell people my old magazines.  All magazines don't have value - but I have been able to sell these without any problem.  I am tickled pink about that.

You may remember Cher from the post "Bring back the Seventies."  She sold within a few days of posting, for a best offer of $24.00.  Although I had it posted at $35, I was satisfied with that and let Cher go.  I hope she has found a good home.

That is it for this post.  What sale were you excited about in February? Post it in the comments.,