Monday, February 1, 2016


January – Month in Review

I ended the month better than I started.  I sold 18 items in January.  I was pleased with that.  Somehow after that auction experiment, things started doing a bit better.  After listing so many auctions that didn't sell, I was able to relist them again in the same month.  This helped me to keep my listing numbers up and also resulted in a few more sales.  Although, I didn't sell a lot of things at auction, the promotion helped me because I was determined to list as much as I could during the short promotion time. 

So what did I learn?  I don’t have a store so I have limited listings (50) each month.  Anytime I receive a listing promotion, I should take advantage of it.  Although I don’t typically sell using the auction format – why let the free listings promotion go to waste?  Just because it was up for auction, that didn't mean that I had to give the item away.  So I listed as much as I could, using the auction format.  I got a few sales in the process and more listings in the pipeline.  Somebody also tried to scam me – but that story is for a later post.  Overall,  January turned out better than it started.

So what did I sell?

I sold 18 items.  The big seller was this Howard Miller clock that I sold as "nonworking.  Although it was up for auction starting at $42, someone messaged me expressing interest and wanting to offer $55 plus $25 shipping.  I was a little cautious at first, so I didn't immediately respond.  After receiving a second message, I figure that the guy was serious and we ended up making the deal.  Considering, I only had $10 in the clock, it turned out pretty good.  It hasn't been delivered yet, but I'm hopeful that this was a solid sale.

FFA charms/medals

My dad taught high school agriculture.  As a result, he was the adviser for Future Farmers of America.  He had some old medals that he had held onto.  These things are about as big as a thumbprint, but I sold 10 of them for $30 overnight.  I was shocked.  They were vintage 80’s I think.  Now if I could only find a few more.  Anybody familiar with FFA? 

Other than that, I mostly sold men’s shirts and sweaters this month.  I was glad to get rid of them.  They were attracting too much attention.  Anytime it looks like I have “too much stuff” my husband gets a little rattled.  So regardless of how much stuff I might have for reselling, it can’t look like that much, lol.  My husband just can’t take the clutter. He’s still a keeper, though.

What was your favorite January sale? I’d love to hear about it. 

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