Friday, November 13, 2015

Fourth Quarter Success - Fact or Fantasy?

Well, well, well.  The illustrious fourth quarter is upon us and as a new seller, I don't have a clue what to expect.  When listening to others, you hear that fourth quarter is where the magic happens.  So here I am, waiting for some of that magic fairy dust to get sprinkled my way while I try to list, list, list.  So far for me, 4th quarter has been a pretty ho hum experience.  However, I know that the driving factor behind it all is holiday sales and there is still plenty of time left for that.

As a result, I am curious about when this fourth quarter engine is really going to crank up.  Will I be getting a sales thrill out of black Friday and Cyber Monday?  Will my slow sellers suddenly fly off the shelf?  Should I focus on listing particular items just for the holidays? Who knows.  Believe me, if it happens, that will be awesome.  If it doesn't, I will keep chugging right along, understanding that what I have to sell may not be at the top of anyone's Christmas list.  But hey, you never know. Somebody might want an emerald green Adidas track jacket to wear as a part of their holiday attire.  If so, I'm your girl.

What has been your experience with fourth quarter sales?


  1. I haven't sold clothing during 4th Quarter, so I dont know how well it will do. Really, the uptick is in brand new items that people can give as gifts (Amazon is where most money is at for this but eBay too) or even old/vintage stuff like toys. If you have anything brand new, I would list that first, again, not sure how well used clothing does or if there really is an increase at all. Think about and look for things that would make great gifts for people, that's where you want to be.

    1. Thanks for the info, bigpund. I appreciate your perspective. I'm very interested in seeing how things will go......

  2. I've only sold during one 4th quarter (last year) and it was my best time of the far! Used clothing sold just as much as anything else. People are in a spending mood and will buy whatever they want.
    This year I started to feel a big increase starting in October. Hopefully you will soon too!

  3. That's good news to hear, Disney Robey. I'm hopeful!!