Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The October Slowdown

Things started off pretty briskly in October - but by the end of the month it had all dried up.  My job responsibilities took priority and I had to cut back on my thrifting and listing. Ugh.  I've been so busy at work that I just couldn't find the time. I was even struggling to get this post written.  Here are some of my recent sales . 

        KAHALA Hawaiian Fishing Shirt.  Wilson's suede purse.  Men’s Black Burberry Shirt.
I sold the Burberry shirt for 41.00 as a best offer after paying 3.59 for it.  That shirt was a rare find for where I live. It made me nervous.  I did a lot of research to figure out if it was the real deal. But end the end I was glad to get a good profit from it. I also sold 7 back issues of WWE Kids magazines.  Six of them went to the same person.  I woke up  one morning to find 6 different transactions for each magazine.  Although I don’t say it in my listings, she requested combined shipping.  I didn’t have a problem with combining shipping but would have liked for her to make that request before she made her separate purchases.    I also sold an ECU Pirates kids football jersey.   Do any of you readers know anything about the Pirates?? ARRRGH  Another cool sale was this KAHALA Hawaiian fishing shirt.  I love this shirt because I love to fish.  If I could have worn it myself I probably would have kept it – but it was an Extra Large. It sold for 19.99 plus shipping and I paid 3.59 for it.  I had high hopes that it would sell at a higher price, but decided not to be greedy. I hope that the sales keep coming in.  The suede purse shown above sold for 16.50 plus shipping.  I paid $1.49 for it. My goal is to make $2500 by January 1, but I have really got to get back to listing in order to make that happen.

Will you be meeting your end of the year goal.

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