Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The October Slowdown

Things started off pretty briskly in October - but by the end of the month it had all dried up.  My job responsibilities took priority and I had to cut back on my thrifting and listing. Ugh.  I've been so busy at work that I just couldn't find the time. I was even struggling to get this post written.  Here are some of my recent sales . 

        KAHALA Hawaiian Fishing Shirt.  Wilson's suede purse.  Men’s Black Burberry Shirt.
I sold the Burberry shirt for 41.00 as a best offer after paying 3.59 for it.  That shirt was a rare find for where I live. It made me nervous.  I did a lot of research to figure out if it was the real deal. But end the end I was glad to get a good profit from it. I also sold 7 back issues of WWE Kids magazines.  Six of them went to the same person.  I woke up  one morning to find 6 different transactions for each magazine.  Although I don’t say it in my listings, she requested combined shipping.  I didn’t have a problem with combining shipping but would have liked for her to make that request before she made her separate purchases.    I also sold an ECU Pirates kids football jersey.   Do any of you readers know anything about the Pirates?? ARRRGH  Another cool sale was this KAHALA Hawaiian fishing shirt.  I love this shirt because I love to fish.  If I could have worn it myself I probably would have kept it – but it was an Extra Large. It sold for 19.99 plus shipping and I paid 3.59 for it.  I had high hopes that it would sell at a higher price, but decided not to be greedy. I hope that the sales keep coming in.  The suede purse shown above sold for 16.50 plus shipping.  I paid $1.49 for it. My goal is to make $2500 by January 1, but I have really got to get back to listing in order to make that happen.

Will you be meeting your end of the year goal.

Friday, October 16, 2015

LOVE (not Thrifting) Will Keep Us Together!

My husband is a no nonsense kind of guy.  When he wakes up in the morning, he is thinking about all the things that he needs to get done.  So when he decided that he and I were going to go thrifting together......I wasn't really sure what to think.  If you read my post It's Time to get Started you may remember that I talked about needing to get rid of clutter. I believe that is one of my husband's missions in life.  He is a no-clutter king.  Does that type of person get jazzed about going to a goodwill or a thrift shop?

Let me tell you, it was interesting.  His first question was "What are you looking for?"  My answer was "nothing in particular."  This led into a discussion on how can you go into a store and not be looking at anything in particular.  So in order to make this easy on both of us, I had to give him some clear direction.  Books seemed like a good place to start.  So I advised him to check out the book section for some old books.  For me old books means at least 50-60 years old.  For him it meant the "80's" as he showed me a group of books about some baseball players from that era.  They were probably Time-Life but I didn't check.  "Older than that," I said.  "Scan for books that look old and then check their copyright date."  Why did I start him looking at books?  Because he likes books and I thought it would ease him into his first thrift shopping excursion.

While he stayed with the books, I got to move on to the housewares.  When he caught up with me I had a couple of milk glass items and some Vintage Pyrex in my hands.   I quickly asked him to hold it all while I looked it up on Ebay.  He was not impressed.  The resale value on the item I had wasn't good enough for me to hold onto them.  I knew in order for him to really get excited I would have to find something really great.

Next I wandered over to the men's clothing looking for sportswear.I had a couple of items in my hands and told him "It's all about the brands."  He gave me this you can't be serious look and moved on. I didn't find anything that I was really committed to that day, so I walked out with nothing.  The only thing I was even close to buying was a Majestic New York Yankees half-zip pullover.  But even that didn't really do it for me.

I think we traveled to two more stores that day.  He did find some comic books that had potential, but the return on them was minimal.  I remember him telling me "I can find better things to do with my time."  At the end of the day, it was a pretty good excursion.  Having him with me caused me to be much more selective about my potential purchases and I think that by spending the day rambling around with me he got a glimpse into the thrift store experience.  Overall, it was a pretty good outing. I thought it was an awesome way for him to show his love for me - even though it wasn't really his thing?

Does your spouse enjoy thrifting?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

An Ebay Return of Biblical Proportions!!

Ugh, it has been a weekend of difficulties!  First of all, I feel like I have been dealing with rain for the past two weeks here in North Carolina.  Although Hurricane Joaquin stayed off the coast, the various weather systems that came before it and after it were awful and dumped bucket-loads of rain on us.  I had my moments of thinking about Noah and the Ark and what it would feel like to deal with rain day after day for forty days.  But I digress….

My difficulties on Ebay began with a request for a refund.  I had a buyer message me that a magazine that I had sent him had water damage.  I didn't realize that when I sent it – but I did realize it when I was packaging it up to send him.  I didn't know if that would be important to him so I sent it anyway.  He messaged me, but didn't open a refund request.  I happened to be out of town when he sent  the message, so I messaged him back offering an apology and agreed to refund his money. I told him since I was out of town I would get it done within the next three days.  This is my first refund that I will have to make from Paypal.  He didn't open a refund request case, so I hope this will go well.  If any of you reading this have any particular advisement, let me know.

I also had a return request on a bible.  Hence the name "An Ebay Return of Biblical Proportions"... LOL. This was another first for me.  This buyer said the item was not as described.  Here is what happened.  This was a small bible with small writing.  He complained that the writing was smaller than the pictures showed. What?  I am not skilled enough to doctor pictures like that.  However, I did take close up pictures of the bible.  Actually, I take close up pictures of everything.  Anyway, he felt that the item was not as described.  Could I have given a better description?  Yes, and I have learned my lesson.  However, his refund request seemed to imply that I did something to the pictures, which I did not.  What’s a girl to do?  I called Ebay for guidance.  I started to process the return and have the buyer send it back to me…but I didn't.  I just returned his money.  This bible cost me $1 and I did not want to end up paying for shipping twice.  I realize this will result in a defect, but it is part of the learning experience.  I expect that I will survive.

On top of all that, I have an unpaid auction item to deal with too!
Well, they say when it rains it pours……I am a witness to that.  Thanks, Joaquin.

If you have any particular guidance for me about dealing with refunds, returns and defects - please share in the comments below.  I appreciate all feedback!